Why don’t you give credit when you post pictures?
We do not claim that any pictures we post are our own unless we take them ourselves. Pictures posted here are found from a google search or places like weheartit. If there is something on tumblr we like, we always reblog it. We never save from another blog and post to our own. We find all pictures ourselves. That being said, other people probably use the same sources we do, which means yes, we could post something another blog has and they could post something we have. If someone wants us to take down a picture or credit a picture that is theirs, we will gladly do so. All you have to do is leave a message in our ask. Pictures that are our own are tagged with “our pic”.

How often do you post?
We have the queue set to post 10-25 times a day. As long as the queue is full (which it is, more often than not) there will be approximately 10-25 posts a day.

Do you answer all messages you get?

Since we get so many we started screen capping the questions, but yes we do. Unless your question is rude, offensive, inappropriate, or something that can be answered in the FAQ we will answer all messages.

Will you follow me back?
Sorry, we are a tumblelog, which does not allow us to follow back.

What is a tumblelog?
A tumblelog is a blog that is created as a “secondary account”. Multiple users can access the blog through their own account, without having to log out and log into this account.

Will you promote my blog?

No, we will not.

Why don’t you guys have endless scrolling?

We have talked it over, and at this time we’ve chose not to enable endless scrolling.

Do you take requests?
Yes we do! Actually, we prefer that you request things. When we aren’t sure what kind of food to post your requests help us out!

Can I submit pictures?
Yes, we now take submissions.

What rules to I have to follow in order to make a request or submit pictures?

*leave a message in our ask with what kind of food you’d like to see
*all requests will be added to the top of our queue in the order they are received in our ask
*we won’t publish your message, but we will still be sure to post your request.
*you can check the by request tag to make sure we posted your request.
*if your request hasn’t been posted within a few days, feel free to drop another message in our ask to see why!

*click here to submit
*your picture must be a picture of some kind of food
*please make sure all pictures are at least 500 pixels wide
*please don’t use submissions to promote another blog

Who runs this blog?

This blog is run by Christy, Jordyn & Tori.

What are your favorite foods?
Our favorite foods are listed here.